The Colbert Report "Does God approve of gambling in His name?...Yahweh!"


New York Times "A Card Counting Mix of Bibles, Blackjack and Cash" CNN "My Take: Jesus would be OK with card counting." Variety Review "Jaunty, non-fiction caper." IndieWire Review "The movie has a unique hook." Christianity Today Review "Holy Rollers is a compelling film...and a provocative discussion starter." The Daily "The mental gymnastics of conflicted Christians is great nonfiction fodder." The Playlist "A fascinating look at a group of young Christians who embark on a seemingly very un-Christian endeavor...definitely worth a roll of the dice for your time." CBN "It’s easy to question their actions—but not their sincerity." "Holy Rollers does offer challenging questions to Christians about more than just the ethics of Blackjack" Seattle Weekly "Even secular Seattle-ites will find themselves rooting for these devious believers." The Other Journal "It gives us plenty of discussion fodder for the after-movie trip to the pub… or the coffee shop, for those Christians who are wary of pubs." Blackjack Champ "What the movie Rounders did for poker, Holy Rollers is sure to do for blackjack." Raindance-10 Films to See "Interesting, provocative and downright weird." Moving Pictures Network "Grabs it's audience and doesn't let it go...Holy Rollers is a winner." Film Threat "Holy Rollers looks slick for a documentary." Wilamette Week "If you’re a smug atheist like me, you’ll come into Holy Rollers looking to shake your fist and roar “Hypocrisy!” But you won’t, because these kids will have probably converted you with their genuine niceness, strong moral convictions and infectious positivity."


NPR's This American Life NPR's The Story NPR's The Conversation "Fascinating story." Michael Medved Show Michael Medved Audio Review "Skillful and thought provoking...a candid, unexpectedly absorbing view of smart, sincere people." Grounded with Ryan Dobson "It is a wild story that makes for an honest, slightly controversial documentary and a fascinating, thought-provoking interview." TBTL Podcast "We love us the gamble, gamble."

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