Want to host a screening of Holy Rollers?

We've taken the film all around the world and one thing we've noticed is that people love to talk about the issues that come up in the film. For us, the discussions that have taken place after a public viewing of the film have been the best part of the experience. Chances are, you may have a strong opinion about what takes place in the film...and we're eager to launch a conversation in your community about it.



For small groups showing in homes, we suggest you buy the DVD or Blu-ray, invite your friends over, and enjoy the film!


For Screenings of more than 10 people we offer a $150 screening fee. This includes a Blu-ray or DVD and the public license to show it to your group.


The Cast and Crew are also available for speaking engagements and private screenings. Fees vary based on location.


To book your Holy Rollers Screening please Email Us.



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